By Charlie Brown

Living off campus in Columbus is a good idea, especially if you are looking for a unique college experience. Life off campus is different and does come with a host of additional benefits that make your college period experience much better. This is a perfect option, especially if you are looking to sample what this city has to offer visitors. It can also help you transition to being a permanent resident of the area.

With off campus living, you have fewer distractions after school. Campus life is filled with many activities and these can distract you from serious studies. When you live off campus, you are more selective of the activities you partake in, leaving you to focus on your after studies better.

Living off campus also prepares you for independent living. You get to have a better interaction with other people beyond fellow students. If you need to work as you study, you have a chance to balance these two aspects of your life. You will be in better control of your time with minimal restrictions.

Off-campus living is even made better in Columbus. You are sure to get fitting accommodation in different parts of this city. When picking the best fit accommodation, you need to consider the property that meets your needs perfectly. You should be happy with your choice at the end of the day and feel encouraged to stay on until you graduate.


Location is an important consideration when choosing off-campus accommodation. You should pick a property that is close to the university. This makes it convenient choice as you will always be in time for your classes. In addition, if you have to stay in school until late in the night, you can get home easily.

The other obvious factor under location is security. You should choose an area that is not prone to criminal activities. Being safe should always be your top priority, especially if you will be living alone. The place should be in an area that enjoys a reliable water supply and other utility supply.


You can pick the size of the property based on your needs. You can find studio apartments, which are great for student life as you get fewer chores since the space is small. You will also have lower energy costs as you have a smaller space to light or heat. You can also go for one-bedroom units if you want more privacy. This is also ideal if you will be entertaining more.


Consider the social amenities you would want around you. Hospitals, shopping areas and eating places should be within reach depending on your lifestyle. You can also consider properties that have swimming pools and other communal areas. Other apartments offer additional facilities such as appliances.

When it comes to amenities, go for personal preferences. You will find properties with amazing views that show the best of Columbus. An online search will give you the details you need as well as where to get the ideal apartment.

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