The gist is the tide switched back to the bulls and I fully expect my timing signal to flip back to the long side tomorrow. Not every timing system is perfect and mine is no different. Still short as I’m waiting for confirmation.

How did you guys position yourselves today and feel about today’s action? Long/Short/In Cash/Confused/Quitting Trading….lol..

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7 Responses to “Todays Move > Yesterdays Decline”

  1. Paul Says:

    even though its been frustrating trying to predict the next move, of one thing I am absolutely certain, we have to retest the 1150 breakout, we have already tested the highs of the year, so there is a very high likelihood that we get to 1150 in the next 6 weeks, how we get there – nobody except GS traders know!

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    i hope it’s tomorrow!….lol. what makes you think that…just curious.

  3. Paul Says:

    The Nov 5 parabolic move was a beautiful textbook top and 1150 was the primary breakout. The market needs to know if this primary breakout was real or just BS and the only way to know is to retest it.
    Now the difficult part….are we going to test 1230 or get near it one more time before or not, I don’t know. It can happen anytime between 1200 and 1230, I will be happy if it is tomorrow but like you, I very much doubt it.

  4. serge Says:

    one thing I noticed on the dow chart,the one showing cup & handle:
    look at the far left side,at the start of the cup–1 big candle up,a smaller
    candle up,and then a crash to the bottom of the cup.
    Notice also the action of the RSI. All very similar to yesterday’s chart.
    Food for thought.Best trading,serge

  5. jeff pierce Says:

    I think todays action negates a any similar type action from that time…but great observation!

  6. vinod Says:

    how can i follow your picks

  7. jeff pierce Says:

    I just sent you an email, but if you get this first you can sign up for my newsletter where you get picks, and cool stuff only subscribers can get.

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