By Danny Brooks

Buying expired domains is much easier today thanks to the availability of numerous listing sites and great resources to help you research a domain. However, if you are interested in a domain name solely for traffic, there are a couple of things you need to look at. This post looks at the top metrics you should never overlook when considering a dropped domain name.

Google Page Rank

When it comes to the evaluation of a domain’s metrics, Google is definitely the oldest and the most widely used option. The metrics here are based on a scale of 0 to 10 where PR3 is 10 times better than PR2 and so on. You check the page rank of a domain name simply by installing Google Toolbar.

All in all, although it is still in use, Google Page Rank is not the best platform you should use to check the metrics of a domain. The algorithm hasn’t been updated in months as Google is focusing on other aspects.

Moz Metrics

Considering Google Page Rank has been dormant, is one of the best solutions you can use to check the metrics of a dropped domain. Moz will give you detailed information regarding the backlinks of a domain. It will help you know how many backlinks a domain has as well as which ones is passing traffic to it.

Second, Moz will help know the domain authority of a domain on a scale of 0 to 100. This helps know the ranking of a site in Google’s SERPs. You can use this tool to compare different dropped domains with traffic. Moz Rank will help you know if a domain is of good quality. This is a great feature considering Moz’s index is updated every four weeks.

As a side tip; if a domain has a high PR but a lower Moz, you should think twice before considering it. It might be a scam.

Majestic SEO Metrics

You can find this service via or This company has the largest commercial link intelligence database with their crawlers covering over a billion URLs daily.

With this platform, you will get comprehensive backlink data to a particular domain. You will also benefit from citation flow which estimates the value of a domain based on the number of backlinks it has. Trust flow is yet another great feature that measures thetrustworthiness of a domain based on the sites it links to.

SEMRush Metrics

This service will help you determine the present search engine ranking of a target domain. It will also help you know whether the rank is due to good keywords. You will further know how much organic traffic you can expect each month.

Other reliable metrics you should consider include:

  • Alexa Rank
  • Back Link Data
  • Domain History

Reviewing the quality of a domain is very important especially when considering the new domain name will affect your website almost directly depending on how you use it. Never invest in a domain you know nothing about. Learn as much as you can about it first.

Author Bio

Danny Brooks is a web developer working with Way2Web. In addition to developing websites for businesses, he takes time to educate individuals on matters related to acquiring dropped domains with traffic.

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