written by: jeff pierce

 I really like your approach in being not too aggressive and do stupid things. I am following you very well and doing good. Please keep up the good work. Thanks. ~mahesh

I will be sharing the exact watchlist of stocks that I trade with my own account. I believe this stock suggestion service will provide you with a constant flow of trade ideas, along with micro trade lessons on how to best utilize this list. TradewithZen will be delivered only through twitter, as it’s the most rapid form of communication to ensure you receive these trade ideas promptly. Ease of use was a top priority as not to interfere with my own trading.

The service has expanded as I have added timing signals for the following markets to take advantage of downturns (DJIA, NASDAQ, TSX).  This service is primarily a “long only watchlist” but I wanted to provide some additional trade opportunities to short when the markets are depressed.

Benefits of TradewithZen

  • Utilize timing signals to position long, short, or neutral.
  • To help train your eyes to what a good setup looks  like.
  • Alleviate the task and burden of doing nightly research.
  • Supply a pre-qualified list for short term & swing trading.
  • Utilize micro-lessons to help with your entries and exits.
  • Provide my unique insights/outlook on the markets.

Solving Two Major Problems Facing Traders 

This is not a trade alert service. It’s useful to determine your own strategy for buying and selling, but it’s my job to have you fishing from the right pond. I feel that one of the major problems facing many traders is a lack of quality trade ideas.  Often times you create a watchlist that never changes, watching the same stock long past their optimal entries. Because of this many hold stocks they should have sold long ago due to a lack of fresh setups. Marketwatch and CNBC are not the place to generate trade ideas. Trading with the masses is not the key to success in trading.

This brings me to the other main problem that traders face. Too many trade ideas. Technology can be a blessing and a curse by overwhelming traders when they watch too many stocks. You’ll save time each night when you receive my personal, highly-focused watchlist of stocks that are exhibiting a specific pattern that suggest it’s going higher.

Over the last 3 years I have been testing a particular strategy for locating stocks that have a strong chance of moving up in the short term, when my timing signal is bullish. In studying this list I also discovered that these particular stocks not only would outperform in the short term, but after a solid basing period (1-2 months) would continue higher with a new up-leg, reinforcing the “trend is your friend” concept.

When the markets are in a corrective phase (my timing signal is bearish), it pays to watch these very same stocks as they hold up very well. The problem is with so many stocks to watch each day it’s easy to forget about which stocks performed well last quarter and are likely to outperform going forward. I’m monitoring these stocks very closely and will alert you when there is a chart setup that I feel has a good reward:risk opportunity.

Catalyst (earnings, new product service, etc) + Quality Chart Setups = Consistent Profits

I already provide my market timing signal for free so you’ll always know when it’s time to be bullish. I also know where my strengths lie as a technician and I’m more effective at identifying  bullish setups than bearish ones. The main reason for this is that human emotions are the reason why chart patterns form (that never changes) and the one that drives stocks to new highs (greed) is much different that the one that causes charts to collapse (fear).

Another great side benefit of having access to this watch list is it will start to show bullish setups long before my timing signal flips. That is a key indication to know whether a market is strong internally and that a rally has legs. You’ll now have an edge when it comes to anticipating a market timing turn by seeing bullish setups first.

Finally if you’d like to receive a little more “one on one” time with me I obviously spend more time answering emails, providing opinions and guidance to subscribers. If you’re new to trading and want to avoid some early mistakes then this could be a big draw as well.

Why not give it away for free? Why bother charging at all?

I’ve invested a serious amount of time  in devising this strategy of identifying and tracking stocks with a certain profile. This watchlist comes with the comfort of knowing that I’ve personally researched, as these are the very same stocks that I risk my capital with. There needs to be a line that divides those who take this information seriously and those who are looking for free stock picks. I’ve provided information on zentrader for free for the last 4 years so it’s not about the money. Membership is now $25/month and will be closed at 100 subscribers until a free spot opens up.

In severe bear markets there won’t be any bullish setups and I’ve factored that in by pricing this very low. Some nights there will be no stocks to add to the watchlist and I never want to force a trade and for that I’ve made it extremely affordable for everyone.

Who is best suited for this service?

I’ve designed this for any trader who is unsatisfied with their current watchlist of stocks or wants to cut down on the time it takes to locate quality trade setups. The stocks selected are very liquid with a 500-750k minimum average trading volume and I rarely select stocks under $10 share as they are more of a speculative nature. Many traders shy away from high priced stocks, but if you can’t turn a profit on a $70 stocks you aren’t going to have any better luck trading a $7 stock. If anything, you’d intensify your losses by trading low priced, illiquid stocks as you’ll find yourself trapped in trades. I rarely hold through earnings so it’ll pay to use the free site Briefing to double check before placing any trades.

I’m not looking for lifetime subscribers, but if you like the service you’re welcome to stay. Stay for 6 months and then take the knowledge you’ve learned through the micro-lessons and apply it in your own trading. Once again, it’s my goal to help you train your eye to what a profitable setup looks like through my process.This is something I do every night and I just want to share one facet of my trading strategy as I feel my ability to locate bullish setups will be valuable to your own success.

How do I get these trade ideas right now?

If this sounds like something you’re interested in then, then great! Follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up using the paypal link at the beginning of this post.
  2. Once payment is made –  request to follow tradewithZEN twitter account.
  3. You’re all set to receive updates & I’d like to personally welcome you aboard!

Testimonials – Below are some of the testimonials I’ve received since launching tradewithZEN in July 2013.

I use the computer on weekends to get access to the videos that you do. The service that you provide is wonderful. Thank you.  ~ Debbie

Nicely done on ICPT.  Just paid for some unfortunately expensive car repairs.  Many thanks. ~ Stew

So between TIF, TWTR, and ICBT tradewithZEN has paid for itself for the next several years. Thank you Jeff! More importantly you’re teaching me to read charts in a far more accurate way than I previously knew how to. ~ @eagleeye049

All i know is you have provided the most “intimate” advice and mentoring any service offers. I could pay a million people to get in on their “members only info” or their “bull^%$# newsletters” but it’s not as personal as you have made this. ~Parker

Your work is most prescient! @azpat0

@tradewithzen Awesome timing. @wahetrader

Good call on PNK. I was able to get in at right time! ~Mahesh

So far I’m happy with the service. Pat yourself on the back because I can be a tough customer. :^) Lovin’ the charts. I am highly impressed with your method, the trades you’ve taken, and how you’ve managed them. You’ve been a treat to follow during a tricky October. ~Nan

After 2 months of being a subscriber, I just wanted to say thank you. Your trading methods have worked better for me than any other I have tried. @davuni67

Thanks for your great work. I typically use my own entry/exit but your watchlists now have me fishing in the right pond on a consistent basis, huge help. @ljasonclemson1

Learning a lot from you and am becoming more confident myself. The triggered stocks from your watchlist are performing great. Awesome service. Highly recommended. Thanks for the service! @romandtkvch

The service is really helping me come up with a trade style.  Nothing like tradewithzen out there.  @chartlearning

Loving the service so far, thanks for putting it together.  @tradnup

Appreciate the service, saves me time finding strong stocks. Keep up the good work. @rotorsky

After following TradewithZen for about a month now, I wanted to write you to say its a very informative and easy-to-follow product that definitely gave me new insight into the way you look at stocks with strength. I’ve always been more of an intermediate-term trader but seeing your 15- and 60-minute style, in addition to daily, has really benefitted me – especially having three likely opportunities to enter trades. Thank you for that and sharing your experience. @p_dot55

Really appreciating your service as it is making sense for me. Much appreciated!!  Your mentorship is much appreciated Jeff! @stutriplev


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