At first glance, the aggressive investor and the freewheeling traveler may seem like polar opposites. To many people, the former represents convention and tradition, while the latter is more about a laid-back lifestyle with nothing to tie you down.

But the reality is, there is a little of each personality in the other. Yes, those who are involved in the stock market do live a financial lifestyle very similar to generations gone by, but because the most profitable investments are often unconventional, the investor needs a little free spirit. And somewhere in the “easy come, easy go” life of the traveler is at least a modicum of pragmatism, something that anchors their thinking. After all, hitting the road in an RV means finding motorhome loans to get on the road, and that requires an ordered financial life.

So for those who feel pulled in both directions, it is possible to have an adventurous lifestyle of travel while still providing for long-term financial stability.

Freedom To Live…But Still Trade

With the creation of countless apps and companies that cater to those who want to watch their investments from wherever they are, it can actually be easier to invest successfully while living on the road. The ease of international money transfers also facilitates a mobile investor’s life.

But that’s not the end of it. Investors who are happy in their way of life are more relaxed, more focused, and happier. That enables them to be more effective at making decisions about their financial future. So if you’ve gone on the road to escape stress, you’ve also done a lot to remove the cobwebs from your thinking and to become a wiser, more contemplative investor that is much more likely to see good returns.

Another benefit is the influence of new places. If you run across a windmill farm, for example, the experience could be the trigger that spurs you to invest in this growth area.

The Chance To Research In Person

A prospectus is a very helpful thing. It can answer a lot of your questions about a particular investment before you pull the trigger and put any money into.

But it’s also a fairly time-consuming document to assemble, and it can be a little bit out of date by the time it reaches your hands. Consequently, the best information can be gathered about a company by simply interacting with it.

In some cases, that’s simple. If you want to gauge the trajectory of your cell phone provider, you can figure out a lot from your own experience with it and from what you hear and see from other users.

Other companies have a deeper profile to examine. If you are considering investing in a restaurant conglomerate, why not stop in and eat at a few of their locations? A traveling life makes it possible to come face to face with the firms that may get your money.

Developing An Unbiased Analysis Of Markets

There’s a theory called “groupthink”, which essentially means that people who communicate in groups about a particular issue tend to gravitate toward similar solutions to problems.

While groupthink can contribute to the speed of making decisions, it undercuts independent thinking. If you gather all your ideas about stocks by listening to other investors, you may quickly become a sheep with no unique identity and, consequently, some very bland returns.

Conversely, if you’re on the road living independently, you can gather data and make your own choices without the distorting influence of others. And that can be key to developing your own very successful path.

The road has a powerful draw for some people, but there have always been a few whose desire to invest actively keeps them at home. There’s no need to feel that way. Travel can actually make you a more successful investor without sacrificing the ability to track your investments.

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