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We were expecting a pullback in the (XLF) Financials at the end of last week. The financials rallied despite a gutsy move by Draghi, introducing quantitative easing and a negative deposit rate of -0.1pc., marking the first time a major central bank has crossed the -0 threshold. Draghi said he will “do whatever it takes” to prevent an EU economic collapse, hinting also that the move may be the first of many shake-ups at the bank.


The news is not good news for the Fed, or the dollar, and I have stressed concerns for the reserve status of the dollar near June 22nd. The markets could also take a setback near June 22nd, which is Sunday, so we will be watching the futures closely.

The market strength into the end of last week will likely continue for now. The setbacks will be buying opportunities for select stocks into the Fall. Comments from Goldman Sachs David Kline illlustrate the confusion for many investors:

“While many investors puzzle over the decline in the 10-year Treasury yields to 2.6% alongside the S&P 500 at an all-time high, recent data suggest they moved flows in the same direction. Mutual fund, futures, and ETF data show a shift away from stocks and towards bonds during the past month”.

Online trading brokers such as Ameritrade have also reported lower trading activity, possibly due to investors holding positions longer term. Whatever the excuse there does seem to be some conflicting evidence for the continual rise in stocks.

Jupiter moves into Leo beginning July 16th. This will be very good for stocks and another breakout is very likely a week prior to this. That means near July 10th stocks in general look very bullish. A pullback in June will give investors a reason to flow capital back into stocks.

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