Below is a stock alert that was trigger at 10a.m. today by All About Trends. Premium members receive daily market commentary, stock picks, and a concise trading plan. I personally recommend their service and you can try it here at 50% off regular price.


One can even say this pullback off the $50.00 level is a Pullback Off Highs (POH) in the making too. We have no problem going long some of this name here even in the event it goes to the blue line 50 day average as its uptrend will still be intact. We’re willing to pay that price, are you? If not don’t take the trade simple as that.. Expect a trade trigger alert soon to buy some of this after this mid day update is sent.

Jeff’s take:  KORS is on my personal watchlist and has been a big winner lately, but I’m content to wait for it to drop to $40.50 before pulling the trigger.

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