By Jeff Pierce

The following are the performance statistics of tradewithZEN from a current subscriber. I’m very thankful for this work and thought it would be a benefit for traders who were considering joining to see this unbiased work. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of members then click here.

Any service will be measured by the results it gives to members. If you are looking for a service that provides you with a watchlist of stocks that have proven to outperform the market then you have found it. It’s up to you to actually take the trades as that can be the hardest part because many of the stocks I focus on appear to be “over bought” but they continue higher due to the catalyst behind the current move. It’s usually an earnings more or a forward adjusted guidance that I’m looking for that gives a stock the “wind at it’s sails” needed for big gains.

The following information is from the returns of the watch list additions with the following assumptions. As you can see over the last year we’re averaging about 12 stocks a month (4/week) on the watchlist. That is very key because it’s a manageable watchlist to trade. Currently there is a total of 18 stocks on our list.

1. Buy on the open price the day following addition to the watchlist.
2. Stocks that were removed immediately b/c of no follow through were not considered.
3. Since July 2012 there have been 138 stocks added to the watchlist

July 23rd – June 1st, 2013.

1 month avg return – 3.9% with 72% win rate
2 month avg return – 7.2% with 73% win rate
3 month avg return – 8.3% with 69% win rate
6 month avg return – 17% with 85% win rate*

The best part of these stats is the longer you hold these stocks the better your win rate and return is. So you can either actively trade these stocks or buy and hold to some degree so there is something for everyone depending on your strategy. If you sign up for a month and leave without asking me questions on how to best use this information then there is nothing I can do for you because I know I’m an excellent stock picker but it’s up to you to use this information and trade with it.


Your work is most prescient! @azpat0

@tradewithzen Awesome timing. @wahetrader

Good call on PNK. I was able to get in at right time! ~Mahesh

So far I’m happy with the service. Pat yourself on the back because I can be a tough customer. :^) Lovin’ the charts. I am highly impressed with your method, the trades you’ve taken, and how you’ve managed them. You’ve been a treat to follow during a tricky October. @mastersnan

After 2 months of being a subscriber, I just wanted to say thank you. Your trading methods have worked better for me than any other I have tried. @davuni67

Thanks for your great work. I typically use my own entry/exit but your watchlists now have me fishing in the right pond on a consistent basis, huge help. @ljasonclemson1

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