It’s always nice to talk about what happened in the markets, but we always have to be forward looking to how we want to play the markets during the next week. Below are my upside targets should the market rally. I’m not calling for a bounce, but we all know they can happen at anytime during deeply oversold conditions. These are the areas where I think would be good opportunities to establish new short positions if you’ve been on the sidelines.


3 Responses to “Upside Targets For US & Canadian Markets”

  1. fk Says:

    TLT last week was signalling bounce. COMPQ almost at your short target already as i write.

  2. mike Says:

    Any worry on QE3 type actions pushing the market higher over a longer term?

  3. jeff pierce Says:

    any gov’t manipulation is a concern. I’m just not sure they can fix the economy like they have in the past.

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