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During the Great Depression of the 1930’s Uranus, the planet that rules advanced technology,electricity, and aerospace, was transiting the sign of Aries, ruler of the pioneer and new enterprises.  During the 1930’s era we witnessed considerable advances in air transportation along with the introduction to computerized technology.  The companies with new IPO’s that made advancements  in new technology  were– Boeing in 1935, Honeywell in 1929, IBM in 1924, and United Technologies Aerospace in 1934.

Uranus with an orbit of 84 years has returned to Aries in 2011, marking a new cycle of advancement in new technology. The opportunity is here once again to make leaps and bounds in science and technology to change our destiny.  Or will it get blocked by the powers that be, threatening our future and sending us back into the past.

During the 1930’s the creative individuals with new insights to the future, in order to get their ideas into production, went to work for the people in control at these companies.  There was not much opportunity in the private sector to get innovative ideas into production and so the government controlled the use of new technology and slowed down the advancement of society.

Freezing Progress

As long as the bureaucrats remain in charge of everything, we are at risk of going backwards.  Companies such as FuelCell Energy , ZBB Energy, and Ballard Power Systems are examples of companies that have a Uranian influence with the potential to revolutionize electrical power sources to affect advanced changes to our transportation and electrical needs.  The possibilities are endless and that is the crux for the bureaucrats.

As Ayn Rand explained in “Atlas Shrugged” creative individuals will not bother working 16 hours a day to revolutionize biotech, microchips, or solar power, if they, the inventors, won’t be rewarded for their work when the bureaucrats they work for are themselves at risk of becoming obsolete.

The bureaucrats are  monopolizing progress in their greed for power and wealth to the point they are becoming vulnerable.   Harry Ried may be the tip of the iceberg with the recent exposure of his land grab deal with a Chinese solar company.  The attention has diverted America’s focus on Obamacare to state sovereignty and the Constitution , which is not what the bureaucrats want.

Full Moon May 14thmoon

We periodically post a moon cycle chart in conjunction with the Dow Jones chart.  The connection is not always 100% and we don’t rely on the moon cycle as a sole indicator of future stock moves.  There are times where we do see a stronger indication.  May 14th has a very significant full moon in Scorpio that may well be a precursor to the trouble bureaucrats are likely facing in the Fall--trading could be volatile on May 14th (see below).  It is possible the bureaucrats are loosing their power to control progress.  What I have described above as a risk to the bureaucrats loosing their relevance may be illustrated more significantly with the Full moon on May 14th.  Society wants to advance with or without them.

The Markets

Jeff’s technical indicators are based on the DJIA and the Nasdaq.  He uses a proprietary formula to determine the short, mid, and long term direction of both indexes.  His trend has been quite bearish for several weeks and is now showing signs that some of the signals are beginning to flip bullish.  My astrology work has also shown a bullish trend likely coming in May.


In January both of our methods proved correct in identifying the correction beginning near January 22nd.  The pullback in January did quite a bit of technical damage.  We both felt that the indexes were broken in early February in a way that has not happened since the correction that began in 2008.

This is an excerpt from this weeks premium update concerning this pullback we are experiencing and when it will likely end. Within our service we provide trade setups complete with real time buy/sell trade alerts. We offer a complete 30 day refund policy, no questions asked refund on our service.  Below is our trade performance on closed trades since joining Marketfy.

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