By Charlie Brown

The web has become a complicated place. To survive in this competitive scenario, you need to continually update your services and be aware of what new technologies your opponent is using. It is evident that you will face different issues while designing and optimizing your web page. Some of the problems can be marketing related, such as recognizing a potential client. You will also come across functional issues such as designing the site for selling a product, or for informational purpose. In deciding all these parameters, you must not forget about the main focus – the potential visitors to your site.

There is a need to understand the process of conversion from potential visitors to clients. A lot of these accessibility test service provider are alert in noticing and implementing necessary steps. Visitors can be from any ethnicity, age group, location, and so on. In this technologically advanced world where everyone uses computers, the visitors can be a pool of geriatric population too. Also, potential clients can be physically challenged people. Therefore, to overcome all these challenges, running different types of accessibility tests fulfills the needs of all kinds of visitors.

There are different types of testing, designed for specific purposes. Some of the key types are explained below:

Functional Testing

This type of test can assess multiple pages through web crawling, and submit you a report of the test. The functional web accessibility methodology is based on best practices design approach for the creation of web resources. The best practices are fundamental techniques to implement web accessibility standards such as Section 508 or guidelines such as the W3C web content accessibility guidelines. The question it asks is, “does it work accurately?” The main aim is to verify each and everything on your website.

HTML and CSS Validation Testing

Formal grammar should be used to write the code for the proper functioning of your site. It is possible that a website to function without valid code standards, but it will not be considered by search machines as best. Broken links can act as a major disappointment to the visitors of your site. Therefore, ensuring that everything works well is mandatory. This way, they will keep on visiting your website whenever they are in need.

Manual Accessibility Testing

Manual accessibility testing experts scrutinize the page as a disabled person would. It also checks if the copy is inscribed clearly, or if it is simple enough for a person who is language challenged, or even to someone who has dyslexia. Accessibility test experts do the process. Automated testing can be a fascinating concept, but some level of human intervention is essential for accurate testing.

Manual accessibility testing is carried out by someone who is not only an expert at using the software but reliant on it. In other words, if you are directing a screen reader testing, then it is done by a visually impaired person. The plus point here is that, by doing so, you augment the knowledge of the test specialist. The visually impaired user distinguishes a precisely excellent and lousy design from her or his hindrance at bad sites and liking from quality ones. They will know more about navigation and user aids.

Moreover, they will also bring a personal passion for working, and help websites improve. Manual accessibility testing points to the question, “is it intended for potential clients keeping in mind the various output tools?”

Automated Accessibility Testing

Automated accessibility tests use specialized software to examine the website's code to check if specific fundamentals to aid handicapped people exist. Automated accessibility tests are good at finding faults and oversights. This type of testing is similar to grammar and spell checker. Few tools offered by top companies even provide advice to rectify the problems they evaluate. This kind of testing answers questions like, "Are the essentials compulsory for accessibility compliance incorporated?"

Deep Testing

Deep testing is an emerging concept. The primary aim of deep testing is to augment and enhance the content that is already present. This type of testing is not a single and different type of testing procedure. It combines all the other testing processes. It is a vital element to someone who does the designing of the site, to someone who is in charge of the budgeting. The question that deep testing asks is, "Is this enough? Can we do something to improve it?"

Usability Testing

This type is one of a kind of testing type, and a lot of companies use this type of testing due to the numerous advantages it offers. This type of testing is carried out in dedicated test centers. Lay people are requested to come and check out the website. Simultaneously, there are usability specialists who observe the trends, the movement, the behavior of the people, and have a discussion with them that helps them to analyze your page and give inputs. The person is also told to provide feedback about their experience regarding various features. This is a crucial step to address a weak point and review it. Usability testing asks, "Does the site meet or exceed client expectations? Is it easy or comfortable to use?"

Understanding the testing process and the different types of testing procedure can help you in decision making. After all, you need to find a perfect way that will optimize your website. You must take note to not forget about optimization while implementing accessibility aspects. A competent professional can help you obtain this easily.

Evaluating your page and understanding what it lacks is a crucial step. You can choose an independent testing firm, and not web developers, to validate accessibility compliance. Once you decide what type of test will be best suitable for your needs, you will be well equipped to understand the testing procedures in a better way. This will increase the positive customer reviews about your website and the ease of use it offers. Since word of mouth is known to increase sales enormously, your sales capitalization will increase, and your revenue will automatically increase.

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