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If your gold jewelry is looking dull and lacks its luster, do not worry. A simple cleaning at home will save you a trip to professional jewelry cleaners in the market. You can use simple products at home to clean your gold jewelry and make it look as good as new again.

Affordable dishwashing soap method to clean your gold jewelry

Take some lukewarm water in a container and add a few drops of dishwashing soap. The brand of the soap should be good and credible in the market. Water from your tap is good enough however if you are looking for better results, you may use club soda or water that is sodium free. These liquids have carbonation that helps you loosen up the deep dirt and debris stuck in your gold jewelry.

Never use hot water when you are cleaning gold jewelry especially if it has precious stones. Some precious stones like opal crack when they are exposed to extreme heat. At the same time, never use water directly from the freeze as the dirt in the gold jewelry generally contracts and become tougher to remove. Lukewarm water works fine.

Take your gold jewelry and soak it in this solution for some time. Let the piece of jewelry soak for about 15-30minutes. This warm soap water finds its ways into the cuts of the gold jewelry to make loose the dirt for you to easily remove.

Use a very soft toothbrush to rub the piece gently. When you are using a toothbrush, never use ones that have stiff bristles. These brushes tend to scrub the piece and damage the sheen. At the same time when you are cleaning gold plated jewelry use a very soft brush. If the bristles are too hard, they will scrub the gold plating and reveal edges. You may also use small brushes like eyebrow cleaning brushes for the task. When you are cleaning the piece, make sure you clean the deep crevices as well.

Rinsing the piece of jewelry

Once you have gently cleaned the gold jewelry, the next step will be to rinse off the lingering dirt left on the piece. Like the first step, you should make sure that the water you use is not very hot or else the fragile stones will be affected if any is on the piece. The flow of the water should again not be too hard or powerful as it puts a strain on the gold piece of jewelry. In case you are rinsing your gold jewelry in the sink, ensure you do not lose it in case it slips out of your hand. Cover the drain or rinse the piece of jewelry in a strainer for pasta or metal filter intended for coffee.

Once you have rinsed your gold piece of jewelry thoroughly, the next step is to blot the piece dry with a soft cloth. Here, you should allow the piece to sit on a towel to allow it to dry. In case your jewelry is wet, it often traps the moisture in your skin and causes minor skin rashes.

The dishwasher soap method is safe and recommended for affordable home cleanups of gold jewelry. Experts from we buy gold NYC companies say this method can be effectively used for both small and big pieces of jewelry. The method is inexpensive and does not take too much of time. They say that if you like your gold jewelry to look clean and radiant, clean the pieces at least once every three months. There are side effects involved, and you save time and money by taking them to professional jewelry cleaners.

What happens if you have stubborn marks that refuse to go on your gold jewelry?

There are times when you have stubborn marks that refuse to go on your gold jewelry. This is why you should take help of ammonia. Though ammonia solutions are caustic, they are powerful to clean off the stubborn dirt on your piece of gold jewelry. It should be noted; ammonia should not be used for cleaning good jewelry too often. It must be used only when there is a stubborn stain that refuses to go away with the dishwasher soap method.

Take your piece of gold to professional cleaners in case it has pearls and other precious metals like platinum

However, in case your gold piece of jewelry contains materials like pearls and platinum, do not use ammonia to clean it. Here, you should take six parts of water and add a small teaspoon of ammonia to the water. The mixture should be even before you place the gold jewelry in a strainer and dip it in the solution. You should keep the gold jewelry in this solution for about one minute. Never allow the piece of gold to sit in this solution for a long time. Ammonia can corrode the surface if you are not careful. Once you have allowed the piece of gold to sit in the solution, the next step is to use a strainer to fish out the piece from the solution. You may also pour the solution into a larger strainer.

Once you have your piece of gold in the strainer, rinse it under running water. Cover the drain of the sink with a plug. Like the dishwasher, soap method does not allow the flow of water to be too hard that it strains your piece of gold.

Once you have completely rinsed the water, the next step is to allow the gold to sit on a polishing cloth or a soft dry cloth. Allow the excess water to drain on the cloth and wipe it clean with gentle strokes. Allow the piece of gold jewelry to sit on this cloth for some time so that it becomes completely dry.

Therefore, in the above ways, you effectively can clean your gold pieces of jewelry from the comforts of home expensively and effectively!


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