As a trader, it pays to make the most of modern technology. If you’ve never used a VPS, or virtual private server, to execute trades, it’s time you gave it a try. Setting up a VPS is especially beneficial for automated trading.

First things first: What is a VPS? It’s a virtual machine that is split up into several virtual servers for multiple customers. Each customer is allotted a specific amount of space and can use his server as he sees fit. A VPS is a handy way to host a website, but it is also very useful for trading. MXT provides free VPS solutions, and is a good option if you’re still on the fence.  A few reasons include:

  • unnamedFewer Delays – Like most traders, you probably fight a constant battle against slippage. Whether you use automated trading or trade manually, using a VPS can help you to execute trades more quickly and effortlessly. Through a VPS, your trades will be transmitted a lot faster, and there will be fewer delays. As a result, you should have fewer losses and be a lot more profitable.
  • Trade Anywhere – While many people use laptops and mobile devices to execute trades, others prefer to sit at actual computers. If that’s the case with you, a VPS can be used to access your trading platform from any machine. Whether you’re at a hotel or a library, you will be able to connect to your VPS to pick up right where you left off.
  • Cope with Power Outages – Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a trader like a power outage. Without power, you may not be able to get online, so your automated trading may go down. That worry is eliminated with a VPS, which will be unaffected by an outage because it’s located elsewhere. Even when the power is out, you can breathe easy knowing that your automated trades are still working.
  • Enjoy Enhanced Security – Although it’s not true across the board, most VPS providers offer top-notch security. Always check to find out what kind of uptime a provider can offer, and try to choose a VPS that includes antivirus protection and other layers of security.
  • Engage in Around-the-Clock Trading – With a VPS, your trades will keep going even when your computer is off. You won’t have to worry about potentially costly interruptions. The only other way to do that is by keeping your computer on 24/7, and that can be pretty expensive from a power-usage standpoint. Besides, computers get accidentally shut off all the time. When you use a VPS for trading, you won’t have to worry about that.

Many VPS providers offer free trials, so you could always give it a whirl to see if it’s right for you. If it makes you a more productive and effective trader, it’s sure to be a worthwhile investment.

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