By Jeff Pierce

So I noticed something today in regards to the vehicle I use to trade my Canadian timing signal, EWC. It’s a horrible ETF that doesn’t really do it’s job of tracking The TSX at all. Notice how it seriously under performed in the first chart below.  Here is a video I sent to tradewithZEN subscribers notifying them of the bearish trend change in the Canadian markets.

TSX Timing Model


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 Regular ETF that does a good job of actually tracking the Index






 You would have to short this when my timing signal give s a buy and vice versa. Best liquidity at 500k/

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4 Responses to “Three ETF’s That Better Track The TSX”

  1. Nicholas Says:


    EWC invests directly in the TSX….in Canadian dollars, from US dollars. Peak to trough the CDN $ is off by over 5%. Thats your reason for the disparity….

  2. jeremy Says:

    EWC must be due to currency arb. Cnd ETF’s better for pure plays I guess

  3. Kurblius Says:

    On what basis are you basing your sell signal?

  4. jeff pierce Says:

    It’s my proprietary timing model.

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