Start with ¬†Quint’s Tapetalk¬†this weekend as there is some great info here as I rank him as one of the better chartist out there. Ron Walker is in my opinion the best and he has a great video update as well this weekend.

Here are some charts I’m watching for tomorrow. I have a few long ideas at the bottom for longer term investors.

Buy the fear trade – AMZN is not going away and I believe it’s close to support.

Another chart that looks good technically. Believe it or not specialy retailers have been among the best performers this year. LULU DDS COST to name a few.


4 Responses to “Weekend Chartfest”

  1. syd Says:

    QUINT……………………%2 return this year!! COM ON MAN!!!

  2. jeff pierce Says:

    Agreed that is small, but sadly it’s outperforming many this year.

  3. syd Says:

    Not a great chartist with %2 return……thats’s the bottom line!

  4. syd Says:

    SWING TOP IN Bonds, Gold………..SWING BOTTOM in the Es/Dow cycle low 25th to 27th window!

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