I think I’m going to make this a weekly segment and it’s as much for me to keep articles that I’ve found interesting as much as it is for the readers here. This seems like an easy way to keep a record of information I like.

I took today off from trading because I feel we’re a little overheated and didn’t want to be entering new positions at a time when the markets could easily correct. I may easily change my mind come next week but right now I only want to buy metals and commodity stocks, with an emphasis on gold.

Bought SSRI and IVN today as both had nice intraday pullbacks where I see a decent risk/reward. Enjoy the stories and tweets below.

Ahead of the Fed Strategy – Great logic and thought process before the Fed.

Return of Inflation Part 2 Out of this hour I’m recommending the interview with Gonzalo Lira for the valuable information regarding investing in South America. One aspect I took away from Agora Financial is to buy emerging markets.

The best investors have this… Do you? – If you read one article out of any of these…read this one.

Versions of the Truth – “The bottom line is that most people love a good story line and can appreciate the person who can tell one.”

A Trader’s Guide to Hedging Strategies – Part 2 – “Embrace your inner loser – Try your luck…at Purgatory.”

People are amazing – Hard to believe the trust this lioness has in this dude.

Noteworthy tweets…

“When an investment is advertised on television, it is not a value opportunity. We own no gold-related securities.” — Tim McElvaine – @maoxian
Every day I have to remind myself that I am a trader, not an investor. It’s easy to forget that and miss out on great opportunities! @daytradingzoo
Bulls hesitant to get long at these leves, Bears have had hand slapped so many times in the past, they don’t want to push anything. Mexican standoff for now. @marketmonk (hours before Fed)
Make hay while the sun shines cause this money policy is going to blow up in our faces. @momomiester
Volatility is gravity in the stock market. @jackdamn
This isn’t a bull market in stocks. It’s a bear market in the dollar. @Prospectus
Everyone must develop their own discipline and I’m not the guy qualified to present an array of every successful approach. I can detail how I go about it personally, but keep in mind that we all need to build a strategy which works with our own unique personality, style, experience and approach; even if there are universal truths we might all share.
I personally want to build a position, slowly at first, and always with a mind of how and when to bail out (or attempt to neutralize at least), if the position begins to decline. As the position is successful, I’m willing then to build it larger (let out a larger line). When trading is a little rough, I want to reduce exposure. Add these together and I am going to have more at stake when trading is going well and less at stake when the environment sucks.
~evil speculator

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    […] you listen to the 20 minute interview entitled “Return of Inflation Part II” you’ll hear a rather candid answer from Gonzalo Lira as to why you shouldn’t ever […]

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