By Carl Hamilton

Weight training is the best way to build muscles and maintain bulk. There are two very simple rules of weight training – always use multi-joint lifts and lift heavy. The other important thing you must always remember is to be regular in your training sessions. You should not skip leg days, simply because you don’t feel like it or because your last week’s leg day was too taxing. You need to be consistent with training.

Target your muscles and Condition them

Weight training relies on very simple principles. Muscles in our body predominantly have two essential functions – to push and to pull. You need to find a way to work all the muscles in your body in coordination. You can go with whole-body push workouts like squats with weights or deadlift to work your whole-body core workout. For the best upper body workouts, you need to include bench presses and barbell rows in your routine too.

If you can manage to create a program including triceps press down, calf raises and the four moves mentioned above, you can easily cut down on finishing exercises for your calves, abdomens, and arms. Now, you need to be honest with yourself and your trainer. The key is to push yourself a little bit more while you are on your prohormone cycle. Do not max out on your cycle and keep going as much as you can. Always do this in the presence of a professional trainer to prevent personal injury.

Don’t max out while on the cycle

Always schedule your prohormone cycle right before you train on the heaviest weights. This way you can use lighter weight with more reps during the peak of the cycle and heavier weights with lesser reps while you are off the prohormones. According to most training experts, you gain significant muscle mass when you train with lighter weights during your prohormone cycle. This also has an added advantage. You can lower the reps and increase weights, so your muscle mass does not dwindle once you are off the cycle. You can keep the gains coming.

Start light, stay tight

While training during the cycle, you need to be very careful about injuries. You will feel a burst of energy, and it will be very normal for you to hit heavier weights. Now, if you are not careful enough, this new adventure can result in sprained wrists, shoulders, legs and more. You do not want to hurt yourself while working out and see all the muscle gain waste away while you sit at home in recovery.

If you are new to weight training, start with lighter weights and more reps. This is irrespective of your strength and endurance. This is a significant part of muscle conditioning. First, complete your muscle targeting and muscle conditioning workouts before you can start hitting the bigger weights at the gym.

Author Bio: Carl Hamilton is a fitness expert. He has been helping some well-known faces of the media stay in shape with weight training. You can find out more about the latest celebrity weight training routines and prohormone recommendations right here.

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