Karen Starich is an Astrologer who uses her unique approach to analyze stock market trends and commodities, including gold and silver.  Her study and interest in astrology began in 1992 when she started an art business and collaborated with an internationally recognized astrologer to create an inception chart for her budding new corporation.  The art business took off immediately, and true to the astrology chart for the incorporation, surpassed estimates and doubled in size within a year.

Karen spent years working with other astrologers, learning the art of interpretation, and applying those skills to interpret charts for clients and investments.  After the market correction in 2008, Karen began to post articles on Fool.com to illustrate the transits and the potential effects they could bring to the markets and the precious metals sector.  In April 2011 Karen wrote a blog on fool.com accurately predicting the take down in the silver market  on April 28, 2011.  She wrote a follow-up on May 11th detailing the turn in the silver market below:

An upward change tomorrow May 12th.  I call tomorrow “the tell” or sign that a change is coming for the bulls.  The bigger event May 16-17 when Jupiter hits 26* Aries is what I call a check mate to the Bears…so watch for that.  May 17th through first week of June is a tuning point for silver that is positive.  This will be a significant event to mark a change and planting the seeds  (seeds of change for silver/gold backed currency) for years to come.

Looks like the Comex is not entirely in control of the situation and will maneuver in strategic ways, possibly with further margin restrictions, watch for that mid June.

Mid June looks like it’s going to be a wild ride at the Comex again.

Karen joined Zentrader in June 2011 to become a contributing writer, using astrology to focus on upcoming trends in the rare earth sector, commodities, and the markets.  While writing for Zentrader Karen accurately honed in on the correction and bullish trends for silver and gold and also wrote detailed analysis of the conflict with China regarding rare earth exports.  In September she wrote an article for Zentrader that outlined a setback for rare earth that would carry into February 24th-25th of 2012 leading to another potential legal challenge to China’s export policies.  On February 24, 2012 rare earth stocks took another dramatic correction, exactly as Karen predicted five months before!  Then on March 13, 2012 President Obama announced a challenge to China’s policy on rare earth exports in a rare public statement at the White House.  Karen accurately predicted the future event months before it happened.  Below is an excerpt from the Zentrader article:

September 20, 2011:  Market Astrology, Rare Earth Controversy 

This is a continuation from the July efforts of the WTO lawsuit claiming China broke international law when it curbed its rare earth exports.  I wrote about the outcome for those events(read article here) that China would not relent in a move that would lead to further price increases.  Jupiter is moving retrograde to the same point October 6th as it was in July, where the WTO filed the lawsuit, and inconjunct China’s Sun. The transit suggests an obligation and a shift of plans on China’s part and they will most likely make some adjustments that are beneficial to the U.S.  However Mars will conjoin China’s Mars/Pluto beginning October 12th which will most likely be an aggressive move to force China to change their policies.  October 1st – 4th and again October 10th watch for potential increases in rare earth stocks but a word of caution, there is a lot of stress on this sector.  The conflict with China continues into February 2012 where there could be another lawsuit.  Watch for the dates February 24-25 for news regarding an international move against China’s rare earth export restrictions.

In August 2011 Karen and Jeff Pierce launched Astrology Traders, a subscription service combining astrology analysis along with technical chart analysis, to better help investors time the markets for maximum profits.  With the goal of identifying market trends using astrology and then combining the technical charts to capture the best price entry Karen and Jeff have been able to achieve some very fantastic returns for their subscribers.  here is what some of the subscribers have to say:

Nice call Karen. I guess this is the proverbial double dip by going back to the NFLX trough.  ~Gautham
Karen, very much looking forward to your next update. I’m not a big trader, but trades I entered based on your updates have produced gains. Have gut feeling coming week may be pretty wild, you’ve mentioned Dec 21st several times & looking forward to your insight on that. I’ve only been subscriber for short time but very happy with your work. Keep up the good work & hope the holidays are good to you & your family. ~Joel

Thanks for the valuable information your subscription provides. I feel that it gives a definite edge when it comes to timing the market moves. I went short before your call for a correction on the 22nd, and I am up 30% so far. Looking forward to more gains… ~Karen

Great call on NFLX. I was reading about a bunch of downgrades after the stock is down 35% overnight and has fallen even more lately and I was thinking about your call again – seriously great call. Well ahead of the curve. ~Gautham

I have to admit I can’t wait til the next post to see what updated insight you have on this crazy financial world. ~Mark

Thanks for your thorough, informative and valuable updates. ~Jim

Her calls in regards to the stock market have been just as prescient. No motive here but I want to give credit when credit is due. ~Rob

I was looking at call options because I wanted to buy NFLX when it hit $125, and after talking with Karen she advised me that this was going to drop to around the $50-60 level before any significant bounce. I decided to scrap the trade and I’m glad I did as it fell to $74. ~Jeff

Just a few words to say that I am fascinated with your work using astrology, I believe in what you are doing . I am still working on the dates because they could vary, and I am playing options, so I have to be careful with that – but you are doing a great job. Thanks, I appreciate your work. ~Marina

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  1. Larry Schwimmer Says:

    Hi Karen,
    I’m a financial Astrologer, too. I thought it might be mutually beneficial to connect with each other. We might be able to help each other. Please write me “privately” at the e-mail address I have submitted.

    Larry Schwimmer

  2. Ron Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Love that you are unapologetic in your confidence and bio using astrology and numerology. As a professional engineer specializing in strategic start-ups and then +15yrs of astrology, mythology and numerology use, consciousness seminars and readings behind me, I applaud you aplomb!

    As one who also wrote about this time period (early 2003) and its relevance in an article called “Strategic Astrology & the Markets – Bulls, Bears or PIG’s witnessing Dark Clouds ahead”, I have found that major alignments take time to build steam. For instance the 1961-1962 all-inner planet alignment in Aquarius took about 1/4 Saturn cycle to mature…by 1969 full “revolution” was in order. Similarly, in 2001 the all-inner alignment in Taurus and squared by Uranus took about 1/4 turn of Saturn to fully ripen in 2008. Note the proliferation of TV with Taurean-Uranic themes, all the way from “Survivor” and “Lost” on through all the singing, dance and talent contests. Additionally, as you know, Taurus rules $$, Uranus “evolution by revolution”.

    The massive cardinal square of summer 2010 is also in the ripening stages and will, as you know be joining the equally massive 7 squares of Uranus to Pluto (all across the U.S. Venus/Sun, Jupiter/Sun, Sun, and Saturn) over the next several years. Certainly the “Perfect Storm”

    The “Old World” fear-based Church-Central Bank power system is following the ancient Chinese saying, “Mature things decay of themselves.” The only entity that profits from the fear-based “Divide and Conquer” warring strategies on a consistent basis is this Old World system…firstly loaning money above the table to the favored winner in exchange for ‘winner’ allowing them to move within and set up Central Banks (and to “set up” political goons in foreign office until they are no longer handy or socially acceptable and then depose of them) and secondly and privately under the table loaning money for weaponry through international arms dealers to the underdog side. This system, once the full cardinal square and Uranus Pluto ripen, will be be flushed to the surface and transformed…one way or the other. Again, Perfect Storm material.

    Shorter term keep an eye peeled for the Sun square Jupiter on Monday (8/1), a notorious “downer”. As Saturn moves to square the U.S. Pluto (debt = power) late this year, times may get really interesting. Saturn to Pluto (in the 17.5 year Saturn-Pluto opposition cycle which started in 2000-2001) in negative aspect, in negative cycle with negative social mood could be the catalyst for U.S. to wake up and get real.

    Keep up your work!

  3. Pamela Says:

    dear karen please check out my facebook page @ astrology today on facebook and the post about the u s stock market astrology chart I would love to chat some more about the subject kind regards pamela

  4. Larry Says:

    where do you see the market between 9/15/2011 and 10/15/2011

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  7. Geeta Says:

    Hi Karen,

    I’m an Indian stock market Astrologer. I too find this subject very interesting and would like to connect for a mutually beneficial relationship. Please communicate with me at my email id.

    Warm regards


  8. Mike Says:

    Well hope WI is has been treating you well. We are nice folk. Noticed the horse. You wouldn’t happen to be involved with LifeStriders would you? I know the couple who started the one in Pewaukee. Great cause.

  9. Kevin Says:

    Hi Karen, I just subscribed to your forecast sevice. I look forward to seeing your thoughts for next week. Last May silver dropped 33% in 5 days, the year before that was the flash crash with the 1000pt intraday drop so I ask what will happen this first week of May? Sell in May and go away right? Also, do you see 4/2/12 as being a potential market high before the correction back down begins. Also I find it interesting the Nasdaq reached 3000 and Dow 13,000 on 3/13. I’m always looking for signs/signals but can’t seem to understand the market the way you do. Here’s to happy trading!! Take care, Kevin

  10. Karen Starich Says:

    Thank you Kevin…I did not catch the 3/13 numbers on the indexes. There is a significance to it and I will comment on it this weekend in the Astrology Traders subscriber update.

  11. Ken Montee Says:

    Will there be a weekly update?



  12. jeff pierce Says:

    Ken, there is always a weekend update. Let me know if you haven’t received it yet as we’ve already sent it out.

  13. Rao Says:

    Hi Karen, impressive financial astrology calls you made.Your fellow senior astrology pundit Mr.Arch Crawford placed Bradley turn date chart on his website suggesting markets will start major turn Sept. first week.Do you have anything to say about that?
    Keep up good work.

  14. Daniel Simko Says:

    Hi Karen. Do you do personal readings? I am trying to line up my natal to trade similar stocks or markets. Thanks

  15. Chris Brennan Says:

    Hi, I wanted to ask Karen if she knows of any financial astrologers who issued predictions about the outcome of the election next month? I’m compiling a list of predictions by astrologers for the Political Astrology Blog, but I’m not very familiar with what is going on in the financial astrologers community, so I thought she would be a good person to ask. Please shoot me an email if you have any information about that. Thanks.

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    Appreciate it -Karine

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