By Charlie Brown

Creating websites that search engines can easily find is the primary target of web developers, and providing better user experience comes next. As search engines view the sites first, it is logical to ensure its high visibility and build a strong SEO so that it becomes easy for search engines to spot it and include it in search rankings. Optimization assures that the website earns high ranks so that it finds a place on the first page of SERP and viewers could take note of it. By analyzing the flow of events, it becomes clear that high visibility is critical for websites.

Being accessible 24X7 – Is it possible to achieve?

Websites must be visible on the internet round the clock and 365 days a year without any downtime, which is ideal but difficult to achieve. Since zero downtime is challenging to obtain, you can at best try to remain closest to the target by looking for a hosting service provider that is capable of doing it. Downtime is taboo because even a tiny percentage of downtime can adversely affect website performance that can have a severe negative impact on marketing.

For running the SEO campaign smoothly, the fundamental requirement is to create compelling websites and use a hosting service that ensures uninterrupted viewing, come what may. As soon as you have created the site or even before it, you must select a hosting service provider that gives you complete confidence in continuous visibility. Visibility is just one of many benefits that you get from the hosting service provider, but since its importance is paramount, you have to place it at the top of the list. It pays to be stubborn in not accepting anything but zero downtime because it is perhaps the highest impacting factor that contributes to the success of ecommerce affordable SEO services. In this article, we will have a look at all the factors that determine the quality of hosting service.

Aim for uptime only

Stay firm in your objective of achieving zero downtime because although the majority of service providers might look upon it as too tall an order, there are hosting service providers that can comply by staying closest to the target. A target of 99.99% uptime or anything nearest to it is a fair choice. Keep in mind that the farther you are from the goal, the more you are losing on SEO performance.

No matter how small the deviation might appear (it can be quite insignificant from the mathematical perspective), the negative impact on traffic and conversions can be quite alarming. Since you are committed to your customers in extending the best service with the highest level of satisfaction, you have to be uncompromising in selecting the hosting service that supports your efforts. Since the fate of your business depends on the quality of hosting service, settle for nothing but the best.

Pay attention to the server location

The standard logic of distance and time applies well when deciding on the location of the server that hosts the website. If the server is from the same region as the target audience, its response to queries will be faster. Since the audience enjoys fast sites, they expect quick answers to their search queries, which depends on the server specification as well as its physical location. The physical location is a factor that search engines consider when deciding which websites to display in the search results. Since search engines want to show results promptly, it is natural that they prefer servers located in the country from which the search query generates which could also be the location of the audience. Select a server that is nearest to the geographical boundaries of the target audience so that they enjoy speedy websites supported by the speed of the server.

Focus on server optimization

The server performance depends on the Content Management System (CMS) you use for the website. Check for compatibility between the two for best results. Ensure that the server optimization matches with the CMS parameters so that it can act fast against queries and fetch the data in no time. The optimization is necessary to ensure that the website speed does not suffer due to poor server support.

Website speed is critical for the existence of SEO because slow websites are not acceptable to both users and search engines. If it takes too long for a web page to open, it could be the end of the road for the SEO campaign. The Content Delivery Network (CDN) deployed by the hosting service contributes to server performance by ensuring high speed, and the use of proper hardware helps to maintain the speed. Have a close look at the resources used by the hosting service to ensure that you get the desired results.

Look for security features of the server

When you are using a hosting service, it becomes imperative that the security of the website is a responsibility of the service provider. The service provider has to ensure that it uses the best security features that keep websites protected from any security threats. While sites have their own set of security set up which might even include SSL certification ensuring its safety compliance, unless the hosting service provider can complement it with its own security features, the website could be at risk of security breach. Make sure that the hosting service is well secured that adds a security layer to the existing website security and makes it impregnable.

Bargain for service support

Even the best hosting service provider cannot be confident that there would not be any instance of stoppage or disruption. Instead, it is prudent to have a plan in place to meet exigencies, should it arise. The hosting service provider must have adequate service support to encounter unforeseen circumstances without affecting the quality of hosting service. Even if there is a glitch on the part of the host, your website performance should remain unaffected.

The quality of hosting service can make or break SEO, and you must not compromise in selecting a service provider that belongs to the top category.

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