By Charlie Brown

Covers are the best investment that you can make to ensure the longevity of your furniture. The same goes for a sofa set. Slipcovers are an essential investment for your sofas as they give a brand new look to your couches with just a little investment. You can make your worn-out furniture gain new life via a slipcover. Even the chairs at home can be protected by a slipcover to increase their lifespan.

Depending upon how you will use it, you will have to make many decisions before purchasing your slipcover. The fabric here is an important area that needs to be looked into carefully before buying your covers.

The fabric options for your slipcovers

– Cotton: It is considered as the best choice when it comes to chair and┬ásofa cover. The fact that its light in weight, natural fabric, and machine washable makes it every buyer’s first choice. They add a casual foot to your room, are soft to touch, durable, and breathable. Cotton is a thin fabric, so you should be careful when trying to cover dark color furniture with a cotton cover. It may not hide the table completely. The fact that they are thin also makes them easy to wash and maintain.

However, they are more prone to wrinkles. So you will have to regularly remove them and steam them to release them of the wrinkles. Also, follow the label instructions before machine washing the covers as they are also prone to shrinking. Keep in mind the points mentioned above before purchasing cotton slipcover for your furniture.

– Twill: They are either 100% cotton or polyester-cotton blend material. It is a type of weave that produces a fabric within a distinct pattern. As a result, you may make them out of different materials, but cotton is usually favored. They are the right choice for a sofa, chair, and upholstery cover material. Because of its distinct weave, it is highly durable. However, at the same time, it is also relatively light in weight. Twill slipcovers with high thread counts are also the right water resisters.

Apart from this, they also have adequate stain resistance capacity. Hence they are a suitable choice for families that have small kids and even pets. Added to this, they are also machine-friendly, making them easy to maintain.

– Suede: It is thin leather with a napped finish giving them a soft velvety texture. It has either 100% polyester or has polyester-spandex blends. It can resist both stains and water. As such, it becomes a better choice over others. You might use it for furniture that has to withstand lots of wear and tear. It gives them a more luxurious and formal look.

The fact that covers are essential for the protection of your furniture and sofa sets, you will have to consider a lot of factors before purchasing. The fabric is the most crucial factor while buying a cover needs proper research. Keep the furniture’s dimension, the utility of the table, and the budget into your mind while purchasing your slipcovers.

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