By Charlie Brown

If you are considering consolidating your students, there are some details that you need to keep in mind. Individuals usually qualify for consolidation after they graduate, leave school or have been enrolled for less than half or part-time. Many private lenders allow borrowers to consolidate private and federal loans. Private consolidation can help you reduce your interest rate. Knowing whether or not to consolidate student loans depends on various factors. It is always important to be aware of your options when you want to make a financial decision. Pick the best option that is available and practical for your situation.


Consolidation is one of the solutions that individuals who have a number of student loans opt for. During this process you take out a loan to pay off other current student loans. If you successfully get your new loan, you will be financially responsible for repaying the single loan. All federal loans can be consolidated as well as most private loans.

Before you apply, learn more about the advantages of student loan consolidation. Potential advantages include streamlining the payment process. When you have different student loans, you need to remember different due dates for repayments on a monthly basis. A single loan means that there will only be one due date that you should remember along with one payment to make.


? If you are finding it difficult to repay your loans or expect your income and expenses to change, you can consolidate in order for you to be able to lengthen the repayment term or amount of time for repaying your loans.

? With one or more student loans and an improved credit score after taking out your loan, you may qualify for a lower interest rate on your consolidation loan.

? For private student loans that have variable interest rates, consolidating and getting a new loan will enable you to switch to a fixed-rate loan or rate of interest.

? Extending your loan term means that the monthly payment will be reduce and you will be paying a lower amount each month.

Different Repayment Plans

People’s circumstances often change after obtaining student loans and your current repayment plan may not be suitable for your ongoing financial situation. Consolidation provides a way to choose alternative repayment plans such as extended repayment, gradually increasing repayment and monthly repayment based on income.

Try to find a lender who offers benefits for loan holders who fulfill their obligations. Consolidating loans with lenders who value good borrowers may give you access to benefits such as interest rate discounts for automated payments and making payments on time.


Before consolidating student loans, consider how your current interest rate compares to the interest that you will be paying on a consolidated loan. You also need to consider the benefits that you will gain from a new lender and whether you are financially capable of meeting the new monthly payment amount. Find out how much time you need to repay your loan and the total interest that you will pay. Consolidation offers convenience for people with multiple student loans.

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