By Ralph Goodwin

Having a violent crime scene on your property can be easily one of the most traumatic and emotionally-shattering events that you will ever encounter. While the very first thing should be calling law enforcement for investigating the crime, you should know, it is your responsibility to clean the crime scene after receiving clearance and restore it to a non-hazardous and regulatory-compliant status. For doing this, it is necessary to hire professionally-qualified cleaners who have the training and the equipment to do the job competently and spare you the physical and emotional burden of having to do it by yourself. However, the cost of cleaning the property can be quite substantial and sooner than later you will have to deal with it despite the tragic circumstances. Some options:

Invoking Insurance Coverage

If you have taken out an insurance policy on your property, it may be possible that it will cover the crime scene cleanup costs. If you do have a policy in force that covers this, you can use some of the professional agencies that work closely with insurance companies so that the payment for their services can be coordinated. However, if your insurance policy does not cover such an exigency, you will have to arrange for the cleanup by yourself and pay for it on your own. If you want to be sure about the coverage of your policy, you should check with your insurance provider. If you are not covered, it may be worthwhile to add the coverage to your policy so that you are protected.

Payment for the Cleanup with Victim’s Assistance Programs

Apart from the sheer trauma of a violent crime on your property, homeowners can also experience financial distress if their homeowner’s insurance policy does not provide for such cleanup cost payment. There is no way you can avoid the cleanup operation as otherwise, living conditions can be endangered and the property may get damaged significantly. When you are forced to pay for a top rated crime scene cleanup in U.S out of your own pocket, you can seek the assistance of federal and state programs meant for that very purpose as well as funds from private charities. Depending on the source of the funds, your use may be restricted to certain specific purposes such as medical assistance, funeral services, lost wages, psychological counseling, as well as property cleanup. You can get correct guidance from your local law enforcement agency.


If you find yourself strapped for cash to pay for the cleanup due to lack of insurance cover or funds from assistance programs, you could approach cleaning agencies that offer payment plans that are more affordable. However, you should still seek out the most competent ones by checking out their credentials, and track record. This is very important because the bio-hazardous substance cleaning industry is poorly regulated and not many states have formal licensing regulations and requirements. Hiring a competent cleaning agency will ensure that all bio-hazards are removed and you do not end up compromising either your own health or the condition of your property.

Author Bio: Ralph Goodwin works for a reputed insurance company. When counseling customers, he makes it a point to suggest the purchase of comprehensive home insurance that will protect them from all events.



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