By Charlie Brown

When you are going to buy a new residential home for yourself, you need to ensure it is structurally safe for you to live in. This is the reason why it is necessary to conduct a pre- purchase inspection of the property. However, you need to ensure that the building expert you are hiring has the knowledge, skill and experience to carry out such an inspection. This why it is necessary for you as a house buyer to see the license that the regulatory authorities issue such a specialist to conduct a pre-purchase building inspection. Moreover, you need to ask whether such an expert has an indemnity insurance in his/her professional capacity.

Why does a building inspector need to have a licence in Australia?

You do not need to be an expert to know the risks of hiring a person who does not have the qualification, knowledge and expertise to carry out a pre-purchase building inspection. If he/she is unable to identify the potential problem areas in the construction of the property you intend to buy, you could end up incurring a substantial financial loss. Moreover, the structural condition of the property you are going to purchase has to meet the requirements that regulatory authorities specified in the Building Code of Australia. If there are any violations of these guidelines, the person issuing the pre-purchase inspection report and the owner will be held liable for negligence. Moreover, you could be putting the lives of your family members at risk when they enter the building.

How to hire such an expert?

The local building inspector you intend to hire to conduct a pre-purchase inspection should have the necessary qualifications, knowledge and skills to work in the construction industry. He/she should the know what to look out for a while conducting such an inspection. In addition to this, he/she should be thoroughly aware of the guidelines of the Building Code of Australia, the Building Act and the Building Regulations. These rules specify that areas a professional building inspector need to pay attention to while carrying out such an inspection on behalf of his/her client. These areas usually include the wiring, plumbing, woodwork, roofing flooring, internal walls, exterior, balconies, tiling and landscaping.

You should also keep in mind the following tips when comes to hiring a proficient building  inspector to conduct a pre-purchase inspection of the house you intend to buy:

– Check the customer’s reviews in the building inspector’s website;
– Visit the government website of the state where you plan to buy the property to  heck the validity of the license such a building inspector is holding;
– Make enquiries on the amount other building inspectors charge for carrying out a similar task; and

– Check the website of the insurance company issuing the indemnity insurance to this building inspector.

Buying a residential property is always a one-time investment. You need to ensure the property you are purchasing is worth the money you are spending. A thorough pre-purchase building inspection can go a long way in providing that the building is safe to live in. However, you need to ensure the person you are hiring to carrying out the task is qualified for the job and has a valid license.

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