By Rock Alva

You may be laughing reading the title but don’t get me wrong, let me clear my perspective with some solid arguments and reasons. No doubt, the USA is a superpower and loved by immigrants from all over the world. But during the past couple of decades, Canada has made it possible to live the famous "American dream" in very less cost as compared to America itself. The luxury lifestyle and the cost to that are much more affordable in Canada now.

So, you should unquestionably immigrate to Canada instead, here are some reasons for that.

1. Amiable immigration Policies

The first thing that you face after landing on any country's airport is their immigration policy. You have to pass through a painful process of documentation for a study permit, work permit, permanent residency or even for the tourist visa, especially when the country is the USA. But not for Canada. The whole process of documentation for any visa permits in Canada is a lot easier and more straightforward than the USA.

The best part of Canadian immigration is that your spouse can work in Canada even if you are not a citizen of Canada and have any study permit or work permit visa. You definitely can not do that in the USA. Can you?

1. Better Healthcare for immigrants. 

Do you know how much premiums a USA citizen has to pay for his health insurance? It is about $321 per month for a single person. In Canada, you have to pay around $70 to $160 per month, and you will be blessed with every possible medical treatment, no matter if you are a Canadian citizen or not.

Healthcare is a significant facility that you need for a good lifestyle, and this is a considerable discount that Canada is giving you. In short, healthy life in Canada is cheaper as compared to the US.

1. Affordable Education System

Canada is known as a “Free education Country”, and the reason is the high standard of education, Canada student loan and education is free up to secondary education. I want to mention here that this free education is in Public school, not in Private schools, but there is not much difference between them both. 

The best part of the Education system in Canada is that you get the most affordable Canada education savings grant that you can use for higher education. Thus you don’t have to pay your student loan for ages like in the US.

Here are some notable benefits that you get pursuing your education career in Canada.
– Canada Learning Bond (CLB)

CLB is a program by the Government of Canada for the poor children. They can get a grant of up to $7200 for their higher education in colleges and Universities.

– Students Grants Ontario

SG is also a program from the Government of Canada for Canada student loan, and any student can get a mortgage on a lot of terms like self-funded, an emergency loan or bank loan.

– Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG)

Government of Canada gives a grant of up to $2500 to the eligible student directly to their Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

Thus it is evaluated that Canada student loan is much more comfortable to get and it is well managed so that the student can pay it back quickly without having any emotional effect on his or her professional life. Overall lifestyle in Canada is much more indulgence and accessible than the USA, and this is the primary reason that you should move to Canada rather than the USA.

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