As a way to bring all those who write articles on Zentrader together I’m introducing a new trading indicator that measure sentiment from those contributors. Consider this an experiment of sorts as we won’t know how valuable this information is until we have collected 3-4 months so we can look back and see how we can use this information, but I think it’s useful for an “at a glance” to tell who is bullish or bearish and a short reason why. We’ll start out doing this every two weeks and over time I’ll chart this data and we’ll go from there.

This week the majority are bearish/ or some form of neutral (5) with Poly from Financial Tap the lone bull.

All About Trends – “Going into next week based upon what I see technically there is no way I can be bullish. We are tagging multiple resistance levels and indicators pegged to overbought levels.” Neutral – Bearish

Financial Tap – “For equity markets its also all upside and the path of least resistance, considering this is the start of a new 22 week cycle. Expect some pullback on Monday followed by a continuation. – Bullish

Liz DeMera – We are overbought on a 3, 5, and 10 day trin meaning this move needs to either go sideways/down for me to get comfortable on the long side.  What bothers me most is the CBOE Vix Put/Call Ratio on Tuesday was very high at 1.47, meaning there was excessive put buying on the Vix. In addition, the ISEE numbers came in quite high on the equity at 211, that also  is negative for bulls. – Neutral

Karen Starich – We have a lunar eclipse on Nov 28 at 6-7 degrees Gemini that will conjoin Uranus in the US Chart.  At the same time Transiting Mars will Conjoin Pluto in the heavens.  The combination has a very cruel overtone and suggests events could become suddenly disruptive to the status quo and we could see a decline in the markets continuing through December. – Bearish

Jeff Pierce – “As for now my long term timing signal remains bearish while a few shorter term signals are turning bullish. In my experience that is an opportunity to add to shorts.”. Expecting a top sometime between Mon-Wedn of next week with a potential retest of the lows.” – Bearish

Chris Ebert – “Option trading performance shows contradictory emotions, with bullishness continuing amid a lack of faith in that bullishness, plus an increasing feeling that the major indexes need to break out of their current ranges. Expect another major rally or an all-out crash within the next 8 weeks, but until that happens, option trades suggest a choppy sideways move or weak uptrend over the next week or so.” – Neutral



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